Saira has been teaching saxophone, clarinet and music theory to children and adults of all ages for over 10 years. She works mainly from home were she has a brand new music studio devoted to her teaching practice.


Saira teaches two workshops a year in Mainz, Germany. She teaches alongside Professor Linda Bangs-Urban, Steph Winzen and Denise Frey. The saxophone orchestra consists of around 28 participants from amateur to semi-professional level.

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Some testimonies of past & present students:

"Saira's teaching style was both very different and just what I needed. She was able to recognise that I had a problem with timing and showed me some really helpful exercises and I've been able to progress further. Saira is a gifted and talented musician and teacher. "

- Farouk, September 2015 -

"I came to Saira as a beginner and she was able to help me grasp the basics while at the same time being conscious of my needs as an adult. I am thrilled with the progress I have made so far and would highly recommend Saira as a teacher. "

- Maddox, December 2015 -

"Having “Always” wanting to play the Sax I finally succumbed and made my purchase, I then proceeded to mess around with it for a couple of years, I then moved back up to Manchester from London and “found” my sax again. Having searched around for somebody local ish (unsuccessfully at the time) I stumbled across Saira. (I have to point out at this point that I haven’t received a penny for this revue) Saira is without question one of the best teachers I have ever come across in my business and Personnel Life somebody who takes the fear out of learning music and really puts a smile on your face, I suppose one of the biggest things for me was Saira has got me to believe in Me and every time I leave a lesson I most defiantly have a spring in my step, Thank you SAIRA and I hope to know you for many years - you are a joy to be around."

- Steve, March 2016 -

"When I first went for saxophone lessons I was apprehensive as I couldn't play at all. However, Saira was so welcoming and friendly that she put me to ease straight away. Her love of music is infectious and that shines through in her teaching. She has been very patient and kind and her motivational approach has definitely helped me to play. The more I play the saxophone the more I love it and I couldn't have done that without Saira's expertise. I would definitely recommend her as she is a great teacher!"

- Suzanne, August 2015 -

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